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We regard innovation as our tradition.

Starting as a hand-craft production up to an industrial company with permanent development of new products and product techniques.

1960:    The company was founded by Richard Girrbach. The issue: Production of cake decorations made of sugar and marzipan especially
              for bakeries and cafes.
1970:    Development of chocolate decorations.
1978:    Production plant was built in Calw.
1980:    Development of chocolate decorations in retail boxes.
1990:    Development of individual printed decorations made of marzipan and chocolate.
1992:    Production plant for printed chocolate decorations in retail boxes.
1994:    Development of production lines for sugar sprinkles.
1996:    Expansion of the production plant in Calw (high rack warehouse and administration building).
1997:    Launch of Confectionery presents.
2002:    Development of individual printed pralines.
2005:    Launch of retail boxes with our own label GOURMET DECOR.
2008:    Implementation of Girrbach E-Shop for corporate clients in Germany.
2009:    Brand Re-launch GOURMET DECOR changed to Girrbach dekorieren & genießen.